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Immune2life Founder created the name and defintion based on individuals with immune disorders who are often dealt with strenuous circumstances in their life. Obstacles, and struggles in their lives.  The definition of Immune2life's meaning is; The Act of rising above all of lifes setbacks, challenges and misfortunes with perserverance, consistency and success.  (Immune2life copy rights 2015)


Thereby, regardless of what life's setbacks, as in whatever illness, disorders, and whatever misfortunes trajedy, malignancies, financial struggles and challenges you come across in life; you always succeed in rising tall and strong with perserverance, consistency and success.  Immune-2-life, does not mean Immune-2-Illness, or Immune-2-Primary Immune Disorders; or any such implications, suggestions or misinterpretations.  Immune2life, offers no guarantee's, warranties, services or implies that contributing to our organization, will in fact guarantee services, recovery of illnesses, medical diagnosis.  


Immune2life, holds no responsibility or liability to your health and fully recommends you consult with your attending physicians or referred medical experts on any concerns regarding your individual health needs. Immune2life offers counseling, guidance, early detection services, nutrional classes, group counseling and sharing, and distributes products, donations and gift's provided to the organization to individuals or families in need.  Immune2life contends that no one person is immune to lifes setbacks, challenges, misfortunes and illness.  Thru the help of our organization, we can work together to bring awareness to over 400 Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders. 

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