Every great thing in life starts with a story.  Every fundraiser, every marathon, every cure.  Someone took the initiative to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.  Someone took the time to research a problem, to find a cure, to bring together great minds that came together for the love of life, love of family, health, and faith.  

Eva Garibay, Founder of Immune2life Corporation was practically raised in hospitals.  Since the early age of eight months old. She was on medications, treatments, surgeries, cancers, strokes, blood transfusions and repeat illnesses.  Her childhood consisted of cold hospitals, disinfected white sheet rooms, overhead hospital pages calling for medical staff.  And isolated childhood surroundings. 


Her teenage years did not improve very much, and she spent her time reading and educating herself.  She went on to graduate high school at the early age of 15 years old and begin college courses.  Not so much because she loved school so much, but because her life consisted of a great deal of down time indoors.  


She earned multiple Degree's in various areas of specialty.  As an adult she was even employed for a large Healthcare System where she held various positions as EKG Technician, X-Ray Technician, Cardiopulmonary Technician in Emergency Services Departments, Intensive Care Units working side by side with skilled medical technicians and qualified experienced Physicians.  


Her curiosity took her behind the scenes and she decided to pursue a career in Hospital Administration. She would go on to oversee 12 (ea) departments in two medical facilities.  Her drive to succeed would lead her to become a shared employee for a large Healthcare System.  She  traveled from sister facilities in and out of state for training programs and to train others. In addition, during these years, she learned to manage a very active multi-tasking lifestyle. Knowing she would retire early in life she also managed a 21 year successful automotive franchise business with her husband.    




Eva Garibay, Founder of Immune2life was not going to let life stop her from being all she could be.  These were the cards that life handed her and with every illness, every fall, and every medical setback she would get back up and pick up where she left off.  She learned to to adjust her life to meet her needs. One day she realized she had become immune to life, the good the bad, the sicknesses had made her who she was.  It was then that she realized that God had given her a gift of life, a gift of education and skills to help others.  

She went on to create Immune2life, Corporation to go back and help children and families who struggle with Immune Disorders as she did, as her family did.  She learned to gain control of her illness, she beat the cancers, she survived the blood disorders, she could see and walk again after strokes took her sight and left her handicap. Doctors predicted her not to survive past the year in 2012.  She recognized what the doctors were doing wrong and she put her resources to work for her benefit. If you ever feel that no one understands what you are going thru, our founder has been there and has a keen eye for health issues. 



In The


I.G. Living Magazine

Immune2life, Founder Eva Garibay is interviewed by a Medical Magazine. 

With two pages covering her struggles with a disorder that weakens her immune system,her challenges,her cure and taking back her life as living proof that I.Vig treatments work.

January 2015 Issue


Teachers & Administrators praise Immune2life Team for bringing school supplies to children returning back to school after Covid shutdowns. During a time of unemployment and hard times on families , a much appreciated help to all in need.




Eva Garibay, Founder


Since being incorporated in 2015, Immune2life has continued to grow in demand from patients, families and now partnered with nationwide organizations to bring help where help is needed.  Our team of volunteers and Board of Directors offer services throughout South Texas and rural small towns.  Our future goals are to open the first Immune Disorder Speciality Medical Facility to bring free treatments to children & families struggling with these difficult disorders.  An organization that will remain active for years to come contributing to research and bringing back effective care and services to children leading isolated, difficult lives.  We are in your neighborhoods, we are on you side, and you are not alone with Immune2life.