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Welcome to my blog! My name is Eva. I was diagnosed with an Immune Disorder called Hypogammaglobulinema in 2012. But my story does not start there. I spent a majority of my life in hospitals. From the young age of 8 months old, I began to have health problems. My childhood consisted of days, weeks, and months in and out of hospitals. Statistics prove that children with immune disorders have a short life expectancy, on average 15 years.

I created an an IRS 501c3 Health Non-Profit called Immune2life, Corporation after one of my major surgeries. As a survivor of 4 cancer's, strokes, temporary blindness, blood transfusions and more! I felt I might be able to share some help to other's with Primary Immune Disorders. I am now 53 years old, and writing a blog to reach out to other's like me.

I believe that no child, no teenager, no adult or elderly individual should go thru this life wondering how much time they have left in life, or how much time before the next illness strikes again. I created my organization after recovering from what can call a nightmare year. Having spent a life in hospitals fighting illnesses, infections and malignancies, I learned first hand what works and what does not. I now contribute to research, and treatment plans to help save lives.

I welcome your input, and would love to hear your stories. I will share some things that have worked for me and maybe they can help you as well. Join me and "Lets write your book"..

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