In the U.S., approximately 250,000 people are diagnosed with PI, and thousands more go undetected. These diseases are chronic illnesses caused by hereditary or genetic defects, and they are not contagious. People with PI live their entire lives more susceptible to infections, and without proper treatment may endure recurrent health problems, often developing serious and debilitating illnesses. Help us to protect these patients; help us to help the children with early detection and adults with ongoing medical complications.  



Medical and family history, physical exam, blood and immunoglobulin level tests and vaccines to test the immune response may be included in the diagnosis process. Medical Statistics estimate that the average length of time between onset of symptoms and diagnosis is between nine and 15 years. Fifty percent of those patients are 18+ years of age when diagnosed. Help IMMUNE2LIFE create early intervention programs, early testing programs to save lives, save children and provide funding for research.


We are recognizing the overwhelming stress and strain of the Physicians and Medical Facilities as well.  With over 200 Primary Immune Deficiency Illnesses, it is not always easy to accurately diagnose a patient on a few 30 minute office visits, every patient is different.   The overwhelming amount of patients with various health problems are often mis-diagnosed due to physicians and medical facilities over scheduling and overwhelmed with hundreds of critically ill patients.   


Immune2life is working to educate, counsel, and help patients, individuals, and families on proper health care and treatment options that meets their individual needs.  We are discovering that most patients with PID are at a loss and confused as to why their health is not improving and often developing additional depressive state of minds.  Financial hardship is often another issue due to the inablity to maintain regular employment due to illness, lack of funds for co-payments, or other medical needs.   Immune2life, is working to help these individuals with financial and referral services to help thru this difficult process.